How We Do It

At Roll Formed Driveways, we understand the importance of each of the 4 PHASES of construction including Consultation Preparation Placement and Finish.

Phase 1 – Consultation

  • The work area is measured out in consultation with the customer.
  • Surface drainage is discussed ensuring all surface levels are directing water as required.
  • Explanation of quantities and depths required for specific usage is provided.
  • Recommendations including troubleshooting and design ideas are discussed.
  • Detailed quote is provided.


Phase 2 – Preparation

Road Base Preparation
If the work area is not prepared properly beforehand, it will lead to uneven asphalt depths that may easily crack and fail.

  • Work area is excavated to the required depths, leveled, compacted and proof rolled.
  • All drainage requirements are installed.
  • A Department of Main Roads specified road base is placed (as per specific requirements).
  • The road base is compacted at specified depths to achieve the desired finished level.

NB: We pay particular attention to the compaction process using suitable machinery and ensuring correct moisture content.

Asphalt Preparation
Before the asphalt is placed; a number of different methods are employed depending on the specifications.  These may include:

  • Sweeping the area to be sealed
  • Applying a bitumen tack coat
  • Applying a bitumen prime coat
  • Applying a bitumen primer seal
  • Applying a bitumen spray seal


Phase 3 -Asphalt Placement
Particular attention is paid to the asphalt paving pattern before starting to minimise cold joints and facilitate compaction.  We own four asphalt pavers to ensure we can use the correct machine for your particular job.


Phase 4 – Finish
We employ both steel drum and multi tyred rollers, to ensure compaction and a neat finished appearance.  Inaccessible areas may require hand compaction using specialised asphalt vibrating plates.